My entry for the #lowrezjam 2016. Xenotonia is my old puzzle game UpDown, aka Buttonia, aka FlipThemAll implemented with 8-bit art assets originally created for the un-released game Xenocide.

All source code is on CodePen :

Development was almost fully live-streamed on


1.1: Fixed canvas-related performance issue, removed debugging code

1.1.1: Fixed progress reset option


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(6 edits)


  1. Disable hover when mouse-outing from game and when showing win screen
  2. Add sound
  3. Implement "mode" option to start from fire or aliens
  4. Add faster animation option (high fps)
  5. Fix press indicator icon on win screen
  6. Ask to leave page in middle of game
  7. [Done] Fix options menu states (persistance!)